My mom adventures in Fort Collins

We are fitness freaks

Well, not really. I wish that were true. But I would like to make it come true… soon. We joined the Fort Collins Club. Number one reason: they sent us a coupon for a free month in the mail. And in doing a bit of research, it’s probably more expensive than I’d like (you have to pay for child care each time you use it, which will rack up rather quickly), but I think we were blown away by the facilities. Mind you, we’re simple people, and were happy members of the YMCA down in Denver. I can’t imagine what some of these super-gyms look like, because I was pretty thrilled by the fact that the showers are individual and you don’t have to bring your own towel. I know, I know, my naivete is charming.
First day of working out went rather well, until the “Kids Club” director found me to tell me that Ruby was not doing well. So, I wrapped it up (sans shower, dammit), and got my bumkins a bit earlier than intended. I need to be patient with the adjustment for the little one, though Scout could have easily stayed all day. All in all, I’m looking forward to utilizing this membership. They even allow you to leave the site to use the bike/running path behind the club. I might just bring a book and let these people watch my kids just for kicks.


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