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My crafty-ness
April 2, 2011, 12:55 am
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My New Year’s resolution (or one of them, at least) was to learn to sew. I took a class here in Fort Collins at J & M Vac-n-Sew. This place is a total mom and pop operation, and you literally take your class in the middle of their vacuum showroom, with demos going on fairly regularly.

One of my first all-by-myself projects was emulating the blankets that my girls hold so near and dear. These “blankies” were given as gifts, and these girls cannot be without them–they are soft and washable, and when they were new, they even looked super adorable.

The finished blanketHere is my pretty project.

The steps for making it are pretty simple:

You need, one yard of fabric (if making both sides the same) or two different one-yard pieces of fabric (if making two different sides, as shown here), and one blanket binding.

1. Cut out two pieces of super-soft cloth–about 30-32 in square.

2. Match up the blanket binding to your square, pinning the corners and stitching them in an accordion fashion so that they turn at right angles.

3. Pin everything together–fabric right sides together, with blanket binding sandwiched inbetween. Sew as your would a pillow, leaving an opening where the blanket binding will be stitched together later and you can pull all the fabric through.

4. Stitch blanket binding together.

5. Pin the opening shut and close out the pillow. Your blanket is done!

Okay, okay, I’m over-simplifying, because it’s a bit more annoying to accomplish since the blanket binding is so slippery it will often throw you off, but still, it’s a pretty simple concept.