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January 23, 2012, 5:50 am
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When I began writing my thoughts here, I had hopes of grandeur. Maybe I could be like one of those awesome mommy bloggers that I read. Flash forward nearly two years and, what, maybe 5 posts later? Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

See, the world probably doesn’t need another mommy blogger. Clearly if this was my God-given talent, you’d think I’d write more than once since my last post a year ago.

I do however have so much to talk about. I was just thinking today–I want to ramble on and on about all sorts of stuff. Not so much with the intent of an audience ever reading these thoughts, but moreso on a journal-type-basis. My thoughts, my ramblings, in no particular order. Nothing for others’ consumption. Not like an actual journal–since I’m obviously capable of writing a word processing document and hitting save–but a place to keep those thoughts. Tame thoughts, mind you, nothing that COULDN’T necessarily be seen by another human being, just no intention of ever sharing. If that makes any sense.

Future topics for my own enjoyment:

Kindergarten meetings–and my impressions of these fine schools

The slow road of deciding what school to send our daughter to, and why

To send or not to send (AKA Should my June-baby test the school waters, or stay safely in the preschool shallow end?)

Eating real peanut butter, and why I love my new kitchen gadgetry

My ongoing flip-flopping on the issue of having another baby

Being a grown up looking for friendship and community

P.S. And also finding a faith community

So, yeah, let’s start there. Should be fun. For me anyway. Thank God my poor family doesn’t have to hear about me agonize over these concepts. I’ll just pour my heart out right here and I should be good to go. Ha.


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