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Why I will never be the Krazy Coupon Lady
February 4, 2012, 7:14 am
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Have you heard about this?

Apparently there is a TV show on TLC, and I’ve heard about it but never seen it. It sounds downright fascinating. You’ve heard of Extreme Sports? Now, wrap your head around the idea of Extreme Couponing. The idea of shopping and using so many coupons “stacked” together (as in: manufacturers coupon + store coupon+maniacal shopping genius) that the store actually pays you for shopping there. Hmm.

In case you forgot what a coupon looks like, clipart from

And then I read a little more and I was intrigued. I mean, sure, everyone loves a great story about saving money, right? Actually, not everyone. I swear, my husband could not care less. Cory says, and I quote, “I’m going to open up “The $100 Store” and have huge posters everywhere advertising 99% off. That is the best marketing strategy ever.” And maybe he has a point. Maybe we love a deal a little too much.

According to her website, the Krazy Coupon Lady regularly stockpiles about a years worth of items (some are edible, but also things like razors, bath gel, you name it). As I read more and more, this sounds really cuckoo to me. No judgment on the poor gal–I mean, she’s got this hugely successful website and virtual couponing empire, so she’s probably got bigger shoulders than to care what I say?–but I cannot fathom this.

So, the top five Six reasons I will not be joining the world of extreme couponing.

  1. Storage: Who’s got space for all that? I could house my cars in my garage, or a year’s supply of T.P.? What about frozen foods? Would the savings off set me having to purchase a chest freezer (and pay for the energy necessary)? C’mon, it feels like a bargain when you’re getting it for free, but it looks like a burden when you’re looking at your storage closet. “Mommy, where’s my dress?” “Oh, honey, I had to move it underneath your bed because I keep the paper plates in your closet.”
  2. I’m a simple gal: We don’t generally eat or use a lot of coupon-y stuff. Veggies, fruit, some grains/pasta/bread, meat–there’s not a lot of coupons for that jazz. I’m not going to suddenly start cooking Stauffer’s lasagna just because I got an awesome deal on it. Diapers, yogurt, Orowheat bread, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream: Yes, there are certain coupons that I will clip and I will use happily.
  3. I don’t like the “promotional” aspect of coupons: Don’t get me wrong, I’m American, and I like plenty of processed foods. However, it’s been my experience that there isn’t a lot of coupons for the specific product I would buy, but there are coupons for that product’s “spinoff.” Case in point: I like Oreo’s. But you don’t usually see a straight-up Oreo’s coupon, you see a coupon for the new Oreo-infused-whole-wheat-breakfast-bar-with-extra-fiber. (I’m making this up, as far as I know there is no such breakfast bar, and I reserve no right to this awesome name. Nabisco peeps, if you want that, it’s all yours.) Let’s face it: Coupons are marketing.
  4. My time is valuable:  Granted, it’s not that valuable, but still. Unlike a lot of people I know who will drive across town for the best deal, I don’t like to do this. I have two small children and I try to avoid going grocery shopping with them. I try to avoid any kind of errands or shopping at all with them, but this is not always possible, so I judiciously pick my tag-along errands. My love of sanity trumps me traveling to multiple stores to achieve the Krazy Coupon Lady’s plan. I shudder at the thought of going to three different grocery stores in order to maximize the stores’ promotions with the coupons.
  5. I’m a self-confessed weirdo: Some stockpiling would be totally lost on me. I learned this from our Costco membership. I finally went through the two rolls of plastic wrap that I bought there back in 2005. Adding to the growing list of how abnormal I am, I’d like to say that my hair grows super slow (and my husband refuses to shave at all). A year’s supply of razors for us is like $10.00. I think I can do the mathematical gymnastics and figure out that if we “stockpiled” razors, I wouldn’t use all of them for a decade. Seems silly.
  6. Who needs discounted stuff when there’s free stuff?: I’d rather have free. Not “buy one, get one” type of free, but the “I don’t even have to go to the store” type of free. Every hotel visit, I grab every last bar of soap. The mere thought of a Costco visit and all the free samples is enough to make my mouth water. Starlight mints on the way out of the Mexican restaurant? Don’t mind if I do. I sponge off free stuff wherever. I particularly enjoy the shampoo at the gym. Now, to be fair, some might say that these things were “included” in my overall cost, but that is not how I prefer to look at it. Humor me on this distinct difference.

And now, using the mad skills learned in my 11th grade composition class, I would like to summarize my thoughts by saying that coupons are good if you can afford the time to clip them, and you will in fact use them. Krazy Couponing, on the other hand, is about far more than saving a few bucks. It’s a lifestyle and definitely not for everyone. I think I’m more of a Toyota person. You know how Toyota doesn’t have tons and tons of supplies on hand at all times, and they just have enough to meet the demands of production for a short time frame? It’s all explained much more coherently here. But this way of life makes sense to me. Why have forty cans of baked beans on hand when this week’s meals may only require one? Maybe the Krazy Coupon Lady is just a way more committed person than I am.

Before closing, I also want to give credit to a blog post I read here that prompted me to follow the links and learn more about this whole deal.


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