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Snow day!
February 5, 2012, 11:10 pm
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Way back on Thursday, there were staggering predictions for snow on the Front Range. Denver cancelled school on Friday… without even waiting for Friday to arrive. Poudre Schools, notorious for not cancelling school, declared the day a “Snow Day!”

I was thrilled with this notion. Who doesn’t love a day to be lazy? Snow days say, “I give you the gift of casting off your commitments for the day and enjoying your cozy home with reckless abandon.”

Scout standing next to the snowman she made with her dad on Friday over lunch

We enjoyed a bit of crafting as well. Next week is, of course, Valentine’s Day. We have been told by Scooter’s preschool teacher to bring a valentine for every child. Last year, I got some cheap-o store-bought ones with Disney princesses on them. But this year, oh no, we are going old-school. Handmade valentine love, baby!

The inspiration for our valentines. Have I mentioned how much my kids love french fries, especially McDonald’s french fries?

Scooter with her card. The inside “french fry” is a pull-out that says: Hey Small Fry, Want to be my valentine? Isn’t it the cutest? Don’t you want to pin me?

The night was capped off by a movie night. We watched Piglet’s Big Adventure for the 18th time. I still love all the Carly Simon music in that one. We ate popcorn and had snacks for dinner.

Continued snow on Friday night meant that there was again some lovely fresh snow when we woke up on Saturday. The girls and I took full advantage. The snow was perfect for packing. Also perfect for snowballs (heck, kids have to learn sometime–better I teach ’em, at least I won’t throw them at their faces). It was bright and sunny, I even got my lawnchair out to enjoy.

The snow bunnies on Saturday

Oooh, I love a good snow day, or snow DAYS, as the case may be.


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