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It is so much fun to have down-time, no? The other night I hosted some mommy friends at my house for a “Mommy’s Night In.” If you have a basement (or other suitable room) to banish the rest of your family to, this is an excellent source of fun. Women come, they bring wine, you set out some snacks–instant party. My kids got to watch a movie in the basement with their dad. They also had a dinner consisting of popcorn and M&Ms, so it was a party for them, too.

In addition to occasionally having adult conversation, I do enjoy a good TV show. Tonight I watched the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live. Zooey Deschanel hosted it. And, I’m sorry, but as much as I try not to like her cute, quirky-ness, I can’t help it. She really IS cute and quirky, and now I’m hooked. Seriously, if you saw her do that impression of Mary Kate Olsen, then you obviously understand.

She says to me, "Jayme, just embrace my cute quirky-ness already." (Credit to Fox)

I went straight over from SNL to watch her new show, New Girl. You can see a clip-montage here that is absolutely the first episode condensed to 4 minutes. So, that will likely become my new obsession.

In the first episode there were lots of Dirty Dancing references. Which reminds me, that another source of cheap entertainment for me is this great site called Hello Giggles. It’s a lot of random stuff, but mostly–if I can characterize it as such–chick humor. It’s a fabulous waste of your time. I especially enjoy this series called “Old Lady Movie Night,” where the author walks you through her favorite moments in some cheesy movies. One of them being Dirty Dancing! Oh, it’s a good one… Johnny Castle, Baby, and many many references.

So, yeah, that’s what I do when I want to cast off the chains of mommy-dom. How ’bout you?

p.s. When I went to Hello Giggles to find the specific links, I saw something. For Pete’s sake, Zooey friggin’ Deschanel is listed as one of their authors on their website. Seriously, I am not a stalker.

p.p.s. When I googled “New Girl” to come up with a photo, one of the images was of a lady flashing the camera. So did not expect that.


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I love this show. The last time my husband and I went out, he successfully started a slow motion chicken dance in a club downtown. I was embarrassed and impressed.

Comment by RFL

The show is good, right? And your husband and the chicken dance–maybe you should write a post about that. Thanks for commenting, makes me feel all loved and stuff.

Comment by jaymers

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