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Love me some Fat Tuesday
February 21, 2012, 5:03 pm
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Oh, it’s the day before Ash Wednesday and all through the house, a mommy is planning to be pure and devout.

Just kidding.

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Actually, as I was sharing in a comment on a fabulous blog called Rich, Full Life, I do enjoy maintaining a certain amount of cultural catholic traditions (even if I haven’t been to mass in a year). The lenten season is one of those times where I really feel the catholic girl in me coming out.

Tomorrow, my lenten resolutions begin in earnest. I find that it’s easier for me to adopt a practice of fasting and asceticism for 40 days. As opposed to the New Year’s resolutions that I should keep for the rest of my life. My two biggies for the pre-Easter season?

  1. No Facebook
  2. No buying stuff

Allow me to elaborate. No Facebook is pretty self-explanatory. I do not allow myself to log in to FB. I do allow myself to log in to Pinterest, and check email, though. In the two previous years that I’ve done this, I haven’t had these other equally addicting sites. Soooo, I decided that I’m only allowed an hour of online pinterest and wordpress perusing. Since the whole purpose of this is to connect via more direct forms of communication, I am allowed and encouraged to use the phone and write–gasp!–snail mail letters.

As for “not buying stuff,” it goes something like this: Aside from groceries, medication, dog food and household essentials (i.e. if our coffee pot breaks, GOD FORBID!), I am not allowed to purchase anything. Not fast food, not clothes, not crafting supplies (this one might be the most difficult for me to abide by… oh, sweet mary, I’ve got a craft fetish). The idea here is that I can work with what I’ve got! And, as an added caveat to the grocery shopping, I’m not allowed to stockpile. I am allowed to shop for perishables but not for anything else unless I intend to use it in the next week or so. I am a horrible “oh-I’ll-throw-this-into-the-cart-’cause-it’s-on-sale-and-we’ll-use-it-at-some-point” type of shopper. The idea here is to live within my pantry’s means. To use it up. To be intentional about my purchases.

I think my two resolutions are big for me. To be more intentional about communicating with people. And to be more intentional and conscious of my consumption.

Now, how does this all relate back to the Big JC? Why, I’m so glad that you asked. Actually, I was once a very devout girl. I think someday in the future, once my kids are older and life is a bit more predictable, I’d like to again adopt some religious practices. But for now, this is kind of it. My spiritual and religious life has become something personal, and I don’t get a chance to share it often. This is one little way where I feel connected to the larger catholic community. I also adore the thought of leading a more simple life. Making mine less technologically enhanced and less consumer driven are only two small ways that I can make a more intentional effort at living simply. Plus it’s hard for me. The whole point is to do something that is hard, to put yourself in solidarity with others who suffer. Granted, I’m well aware that another person’s starvation is in no way even remotely on par with my self-induced facebook boycott, but there are many ways that I hope this will translate to me being more aware of practicing a better, more loving life. And, that, my dear friends, is totally what JC was all about!

But for today, you’ll find me on the computer. Gorging myself. And yesterday I bought myself an $80 pair of workout pants. Yes, you heard me right. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

What about you? Binging on anything exciting today? Preparing for any austerity tomorrow?


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I love me some Fat Tuesday, too! I think I am your soul sister on the shopping stuff – I don’t know if I can give it up for Lent. Too many online buying options – too many coupons! 🙂 Great post!

Comment by jeandayfriday

You speak my language. I think the key is to avoid all email enticements, groupon, living social, and–most of all–do not step foot in a store where I can be tempted. Oh, that just reminds me–there are two birthday gifts that I need to buy today, lest I have to break my resolutions! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Comment by jaymers

You probably won’t have time to read this, but I love it. I admire people who give stuff up for Lent. I was a Lutheran for 40 years – some Lutheran’s still follow their Catholic heritage tradition and give stuff up, but one pastor, one year preached a sermon saying that instead of giving things up we should add something to our lives…like reading the bible or doing a good deed to demonstrate our faith.

So, when I go shopping I will hold the door opened for an old lady. I figure then I’ll be good. 🙂

Best of luck with your resolutions!

Comment by brainvomit40

You’re so sweet, Thanks for the encouragement. I did sort of cheat on this since wordpress sends me email notification of comments… no log in time required! Ha! I have tried to “add” things, too, in the past. Namely, I try to write letters. Real, old-fashioned, hand-written letters.

Comment by jaymers

[…] and it’s the exact same week as my lenten resolution takes effect (the resolution I detail here, which is essentially a fasting from—Oh, the horror!–the internet)? I am in a panic. A […]

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