A sweet nod: The Versatile Blogger Award

Do you think it’s a coincidence that I receive this award and it’s the exact same week as my lenten resolution takes effect (the resolution I detail here, which is essentially a fasting from—Oh, the horror!–the internet)? I am in a panic. A tizzy. Like usual. Oh, to respond to the kind blogger who nominated me. And to do so in a timely fashion.

The rules to the Versatile Blogger Award are 1) Thank the person that nominated you, 2) Share 7 things about yourself, and 3) Nominate 15 blogs for the award.

So, thank you, thank you, jeandayfriday. In all fairness, you did read my Fat Tuesday post. It’s easy to write posts about my kitchen trials in a word processing document. Less so to find fifteen (!) blogs to nominate in turn.

Seven things about me.

  1. Right now, I’m in the throes of a love affair with my cuisinart.
  2. The number one thing about parenthood that has surprised me is not the sleep deprivation or the “momma bear” vibe I now often feel involuntarily. Nope. It’s the ick factor. All the bodily fluids. Really, I can’t even talk about it.
  3. I saw “Titanic” three times in the theatre back in the winter of 1997. I bawled like a baby. In 2004, I met (and later fell in love with, then married) a guy whose self-professed greatest source of pride in himself is the fact that he has never ever seen “Titanic.”
  4. Not to brag, but I have a ridiculously large Christmas tree ornament collection. I blame my Aunt Jan, who enrolled me in the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament club as a kid.
  5. One of my most recent embarrassing moments was having to rescue my younger daughter from the PlayPlace at McDonald’s on a busy Tuesday evening.
  6. One of my earliest memories is of my mom sitting me down and telling me that she was going to have a baby.
  7. When my husband and I get a chance to have a “date night,” we almost always choose to go out for breakfast together.

Fifteen blogs to nominate.

I want to give a little disclaimer here. Being somewhat new to this whole blogging thing, I really don’t know a ton of blogs. I decided to just post a few of my favorites—some have hundreds of followers, and have definitely won this and many other awards before. I will take this as a signal to get reading–come Easter, you know where to find me.

  1. June Cleaver in Yoga Pants—A mom in Minneapolis with three kids, she writes about mommyhood, crafting, yummy recipes that she tries to recreate, and lots of thoughts about family and life in general. To be honest, this is one of the very first blogs that I ever followed.
  2. Katie’s Pencil Box—This blog is one that I first found at the suggestion of another blog. Oh, cute Katie and her sweet family. The photos are amazing, and really capture some fabulous perspectives. A girl could get lost daydreaming on this blog.
  3. Rich Full Life—This author has a razor sharp wit and the gift of storytelling. Who doesn’t like a woman that can shift from a post on the Breakfast Club to one about caring for a sick kiddo, then back to one that speaks quite frankly about her father’s wife.
  4. Ikat BagThis is a great resource for crafty-ness. This mom of three girls is seriously extraordinary when it comes to whipping up some spiffy projects. Lots of sewing tutorials, but plenty of no-sew crafts as well.
  5. Spicing it up in Vegas—When you write “spice” and “Vegas” in the same phrase, it’s easy to let your mind wander to the gutter. But, this is simply a lovely foodie blog.
  6. Photobotos—A photo a day. I am not a photographer, and I don’t pretend to have “an eye” or whatever it is that those art-snobs talk about. But, who doesn’t love a stunning photograph?
  7. Oh She Glows—an amazing blog of vegan recipes. I am sure her camera is pretty schnazzy too, because I really want to just grab everything off my screen and shove it in my mouth.
  8. Bumpy Road to Bubba—a single mom’s adventures raising her little one. Plus, she has two gorgeous dogs that are featured prominently.
  9. Baby Book for Me—a mom in Florida with two girls ages 4 and 2 (are you understanding why I’m in love with her blog?). It’s like she’s me, only with more patience and better weather.
  10. Becoming Cliché—How could you possibly not fall in love with a woman who has three kids, a love of crafting AND a love reptiles? That’s seriously versatile.
  11. Sewing for Life—a crafty blogger with sewing skills to share. What’s not to love? She has a tutorial on a braided rug made from recycled t-shirts. Oh, I wanna try it!
  12. The Good, The Bad, and The Saggy—a humorous look at mommyhood from the eyes of a mother of one in Los Angeles. Many posts are short and sweet and they reflect an honest take on parenthood. Plus, the author is sarcastic and blunt, which is fun.
  13. Keeping the Glass Half-Full—A British mom who calls America home. Her take on American culture is fun and funny, and she is a francophile. Ahhhh.
  14. The Northern Cottage—Awesome crafting and beautiful home inspirations. Here’s another blog that I could get lost on, with wonderful ideas on applying the cute-cottagey style to every aspect of life. Be sure to follow this one on Pinterest—you’ll find a million awesome ideas!
  15. Fifteen blogs is a lot. And I’m trying to fast from all this stuff. I’m going to throw a bone to you dear reader, tell me what else I should have on my list!

Thank you again, to my gal (jeanday)friday. (photo from yummly.com)A big, big “Thank You” again, to my gal JeanDayFriday! Y’all should check out her blog, too, so many funny anecdotes. I especially like this one about her time spent living in teen gooberville.

Published by Jayme

I have a background in chaplaincy, campus ministry, child advocacy and education, and I relish people, relationships and our ability to connect.

17 thoughts on “A sweet nod: The Versatile Blogger Award

    1. Thank you, very much. I would have sent a nomination your way, but noticed you got it from jeandayfriday as well. I really love your blog.

    1. Likewise! I really enjoy that phrase I found on your blog: I spend half my time thinking I can’t win, and the other half feeling like I already have. (I’m probably misquoting it, but you know the one!)

      1. That’s it! That quote pretty much sums up my experience with motherhood… frustrating, exhausting, confusing and scary but somehow the best thing ever. I guess you probably have to be a parent to understand how that could possibly be true.

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