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Stereotypes are not always ugly
March 8, 2012, 11:51 pm
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If you think stereotypes are bad, then you’re (mostly) right. But stereotypes are also somewhat convenient. Our brains are not always able to give each bit of information or image its own due diligence. Sometimes we need to make inferences quickly. So, I urge you to re-think the negative connotation associated with stereotyping. Because stereotypes might save you from one day interacting with someone who is a total meanie.

Here are a few of my stereotypes. I feel that they have served me well.

From (Seriously, that must be an actual blog out there somewhere.)

Image: A man walks by with a trench coat on, no pants, and it’s 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky

Stereotype: Weirdo

Bad news for this guy: I won’t ever be bringing my kids to this park again.

From (And, okay, okay, technically this is a Subaru Impreza. But you get it, right?)

Image: The guy with the souped up Hyundai Elantra with the non-coordinating spoiler on the back, who tails me when I’m already doing 80 mph down the highway

Stereotype: D-bag

Bad news for this dude:Lucky for you, I don’t care to add “reckless endangerment” charges to my already long-list of felonies (yep, that’s a total lie), so I will just move out of the way for your crazy compensation-mobile. You care more about yourself than anyone else, and thus will never be allowed to date either of my daughters


Image: The person who can’t even be bothered to walk the shopping cart two feet over to the “cart corral”

Stereotype: Meanie

Bad news for this chica:Your carelessness is simply unacceptable. I would venture to guess that you’re also the person who stole my parking spot. Karma will get you, I don’t need to make idle threats.

From miller1234432's photostream on Flickr

Image: The mom who sits on the park bench texting while her kiddo gets knocked down by a swing when he ambles by innocently

Stereotype: Lazy and/or pregnant

Bad news for this chica: Ouch, poor kid. Too bad you don’t have a delete button, eh? Actually, I sort of have a soft spot for this mom. Maybe. Maybe not. Might all depend on how she recovers from this deal. I once saw a mom physically drag a toddler after a stunt like this and proceed to scold him, saying “How many times have I told you not to walk in front of the swing.” For her, yes, I’d definitely forego any casserole delivery once the bun is not in the oven anymore.

Truly, stereotypes can be safe and useful. What are some of yours?


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Great post! Personally, if I see a rat tail or a mullet, redneck is almost always a safe assumption. A prominently displayed tattoo featuring the Confederate flag is also generally someone you don’t want to invite to speak on diversity or tolerance. The car picture was cracking me up!

Comment by RFL

There were some way better spoiler images on google, yet, I didn’t need hyperbole when reality would do. Can you imagine the confederate flag-wearing dude leading a symposium on diversity? What would that look like? I shudder to think.

Comment by jaymers

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