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Sometimes you just get lucky
March 23, 2012, 6:33 am
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Several years ago, my friend Beth told me this story about how she found a thousand dollars in cash. It was autumn, and she was walking home. As she walked along, she was swinging her feet through the piles of leaves that had accumulated along the sidewalk. She literally stumbled into a dirty, rubber-banded stack of bills. Fairly certain that this money was not the milk-money of a quiet suburban housefrau, she figured that the money was hers. Good, bad, whatever, the money was hers. She chose to look at it as providence, and it made a few different travel arrangements possible for her at a time in her life when she was broke, lived far from her family and desperately wanted to see them.

Personally, I haven’t ever experienced luck like this. Well, not exactly. There was the time I watched the documentary about “The Secret” (you know, the book that Oprah popularized a while ago). The film spoke about the laws of attraction, and mentioned specifically that if you want your finances to improve you need to picture money arriving in your hand. I did that for a day or two, and then a few days later we got a $300 refund from Verizon. I wanted to believe that I had stumbled upon a magic genie, but either I lost the determination to keep visualizing the copious amounts of cash rolling in or the checks dried up.

But in general, I don’t consider myself lucky. True, my life has been blessed with good health, fun adventures, and lovely people I hold dear, but in the traditional sense of winning bingo, leaving with a door prize, or even coming up with a $5 win on a scratch-off, not so much.

In any case, what happened to me tonight seems way better than $300 from Verizon.

Tonight was a small miracle for my little girl. After all the anxiety of the past week, where the mere mention of swimming lessons would send her into a puddle of tears, she went—willingly—to her swimming lesson. Despite protests earlier today when she claimed she would just sit on the sidelines and watch her sister’s lesson, she did actively participate in her lesson. I watched happily from the bleachers. I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes.

How did something that prompted such worry and so many tears suddenly become a non-issue? Do I question it, or do I just embrace it? I’m positive that the issues with her fears, worries and anxiety have not simply disappeared, but for a night they were transformed. When we left the pool, she said to me, “Mom, I really liked my swimming lesson.” I still get all smiley just thinking about it.Image


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Those are magical events! Love this!

Comment by jeandayfriday

Thanks, I love it too!

Comment by jaymers

So sweet! Isn’t it awesome how the little things can make all the difference!

Comment by brainvomit40

Right, just as long as I have one little nugget of goodness everyday, it’s enough to keep me going.

Comment by jaymers

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