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Bring on the Easter joy!
April 9, 2012, 8:49 pm
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My Easter was the best day I have had in long time. A day spent feasting on the sunshine, my family, delicious food and all things wonderful. I didn’t take very many photos, but what I tried to do is take “snapshots” of these happy, beautiful moments so that I can remember them (and, possibly, recreate them).

The two very best egg decorators

Here’s what Easter taught me:

  1. Give my children the opportunity to wake up to something special.
  2. Encourage my husband to hang out with his family more often, because it’s so fun to see him joke around and be silly. And play lawn games. Everyone loves lawn games.
  3. Remember when Ruby saying, “I love the Easter Bunny,” was all I needed to melt my heart.
  4. Make this cocktail more often: lemoncello, white wine, club soda, with a lemon slice garnish on the rocks. Yum.
  5. Make time to ride scooters. And rollerskates.
  6. Give the kids more opportunities to enjoy time with their cousins.
  7. Take time to thank the hosts and hostesses who put so much work into hosting such a special gathering.
  8. You can never eat too many jellybeans.
  9. Take time to enjoy the tulips, the daffodils (almost dead!), the flowering trees and the green grass.
  10. Remember the renewing sense of LIFE that is celebrated each Easter. Life and love beat death and evil every time.

Happy day-after-Easter!


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