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Yeah, that. What she said.

I read this awesome essay today about Loving Your Cushy Tushy.

It is literally just what the title implies: A mom’s journey to accepting her cushy tushy because, in a roundabout way (such a bad pun), her daughter’s life depends on it.

This exact issue has been weighing heavily on me (again, what is it with me and the bad puns?) as I realize how many women I know–beautiful, kind, intelligent, loving women–are constantly talking about their weight.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not against taking care of your body, being healthy, exercising or even the all-out-occasional-gripe-fest when it comes to acknowledging the varicose veins/baby pooch/cankles that came with pregnancy that just won’t go away.

But, for me, I am acutely aware that little ears are listening. And for the sake of those little ears, I must love this body. I must, I must, I must.

So read this article, moms. Read this article, dads. Read this article, not-yet-moms and not-yet-dads. Then look in the mirror, and love that bod.

And if all else fails, get yourself some lululemon pants because they really do make your butt look awesome. (photo from


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The past 2 weeks bending over (especially In Front of Others) has Made Me Laugh thinking of your post – especially since my tushi is At Least twice the size of my 20-something 5’9″ 125 pounds skinny self. (Somehow pound creep compounded my 30’s : ) Thanx for this .. : )

Comment by Virginia

Well, love that bod, girl! Love that bod! Thanks for commenting.

Comment by jaymers

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