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Breast-Feeding Photos: TIME Cover on Attachment Parenting

Photo in question, from

Breast-Feeding Photos: TIME Cover on Attachment Parenting – LightBox.

I’m sorry, I can’t not.

I don’t follow attachment parenting to a “T,” but as I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I do love Dr. Sears. His books make a lot of sense to me.

I also have, for reasons that are worthy of their own post, chosen extended breasfeeding with my younger daughter. She is now nearly  two-and-a-half.

But for the life of me, I cannot understand this cover. If you read an interview with the woman Jamie Lynne Gromet who did the cover–she claims that she doesn’t want to start any controversy. Seriously? Then that begs the question: Why are you nursing your three-year-old while he stands on a chair next to you?

To me, this has little to do with attachment parenting, nothing to do with what Dr. Sears actually advocates (which is doing what is best, most natural, most healthy for your particular baby). This is–plain and simple– sexualizing breastfeeding to sell magazines.

And it’s really too bad. Because I think this is why people who could benefit from some of the wisdom of Dr. Sears won’t even bother.


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This cover is so disturbing. I have read some of Dr. Sears books and a lot of what he (she?) advocates makes sense. I think everyone needs to do what works for them, but this photo is too much and makes a beautiful, natural bond between a mother and child into something obscene. And I dont think this child will appreciate having this moment in the Time archives for life. Just a guess…

Comment by RFL

Sweet mary. Couldn’t agree more. Makes the embarrassing naked bath photos I took of mine at 6 months old look rather harmless, no?

Comment by jaymers

From what I’ve seen elsewhere, I think the attachment parenting crowd were disappointed too. I guess it’s a case of why be balanced and interesting when reinforcing stereotypes will sell mags?

Comment by Imelda Evans

It’s so true. The sensationalism of it all is perfectly laid out: “Are you Mom enough?” Seriously? What a great conversation starter. Thanks for commenting.

Comment by jaymers

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