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Guilty Pleasures: Still I’m Gonna Miss You

Many, many nights I spend far too many minutes (hours sometimes) catching up on shows after the kids are in bed. We use streaming Netflix and HuluPlus to do this, because we are cheap and somehow figure we’ll watch less TV if cable is not available to us. (I’m betting that’s untrue. At least for me it is.)

In any case, tonight I caught up on Saturday Night Live. I watched the one from May 19th–the episode was hosted by none other than Mr. Mick Jagger. I ironed, I watched, I laughed, did a little laundry, I watched. And then, there at the very end, I had my heart broken.

Because Kristen Wiig is leaving the show.

I love her so much. I will miss her adorably gross physically and cognitively disabled songstress (“small hands”) on the Lawrence Welk show, her duets with Fred Armisen on Weekend Update, her Suze Orman impressions, her digital shorts with Andy Samberg, her Kathie Lee impressions, and Judy Grimes (“just kidding”). Among others.

But one of my recent favorites, and maybe it’s just because I have young girls and it’s an omni-presence in our house, is my girl Kristen as Cinderella on “The Real Housewives of Disney.” Quote: “I’ve got some advice for you–don’t ever marry a guy that’s really into shoes.”

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? What show/movie/music/magazine/blog helps you make it through the day?


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I am going to watch this episode while I fold laundry tonight – I love SNL even though I’m too old anymore to stay up that late. The small hands girl was my favorite.

As for guilty pleasures….it’s spending an inordinate amount of time messing around on WordPress.

Comment by valleygirl96

Oooh, if small hands girl got your funny on, you will love your laundry folding lesson tonight. Pretty sweet skit with Jon Hamm. And I hear you about wordpress, I really need to be more diligent about WHICH blogs I visit. As always, thanks for commenting!

Comment by jaymers

I am so bummed she is leaving SNL! I watched the episode and was so surprised. I am sure she will continue to be successful, but I will miss her funny characters.

Comment by jeandayfriday

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