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Gettin’ Crafty: Recycled Art Owls

You know, I found this idea back on Pinterest about 6 months ago. And it’s taken me this long to realize that 6 months worth of saved toilet paper rolls is probably enough to make a go of this project.

I bring you Toilet Paper Roll Owls. And they are cute (say it like this: cue-oooot). This is a perfect project for a preschooler, but clearly I had a great deal of fun with it, so don’t rule it out for the thirty-five-year-olds in your circles either.

Here’s what you do:

1. Collect a bunch of toilet paper rolls and fabric or paper scraps. You’ll need scissors, glue (preferably a glue gun, as I figured out), a hole puncher, masking tape, paint (we used a washable tempera paint made by Crayola),paint brushes and markers. Alternatively, you could use googly eyes (I took the slacker approach and used a hole puncher to make holes and a marker to color them into eyes). It’s helpful to plan for a bit of a mess, too–so aprons, newspaper, paper towels, etc. are nice to have around, too.

We’ve collected our gear, now they anxiously await the painting… No, really, it doesn’t look it but they were TOTALLY into this. Really.

2. First step, prepare the toilet paper rolls. Pinch the top of the roll together, and bend the edges in towards one another. Tape with masking tape to keep this in place. Now paint.

Painting is fun! We used a paper plate leftover from Christmas (hi, Santa!) as our palette.

3. Let the owls-in-waiting dry completely.

I found it was easier to hold the roll from the inside and paint it while holding it.

4. Cut your fabric scraps into wings, cut little triangles out of orange construction paper, and punch out circles to use as eyes (or use googly eyes).

We had a helper to make our owls–one of my daughter’s friends was over!

5. Time to glue. Now, I used both glue stick and hot glue. I think the texture of the toilet paper roll combined with the fact that you’re gluing things to a cylinder and not a flat piece of paper did make it a little obnoxious. Pull out the big “gun” if you have one. (I’m such a dork, making glue gun jokes is not even the worst of it.)

They are coming together.

6. Well, lo and behold… an owl. OWLS! What a hoot!

“WHO” loves crafting???


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These are so stinkin’ cute!

Comment by RFL

I know, right? Thank you, Pinterest. What kind of mother would I be without you? But I was thinking about all the options for this–you could do a really cute valentine with these and attach a little tag that says, “Hey, Valentine, you’re a hoot!” and inside the toilet paper roll you could stash some hershey’s kisses. I mean, really, the possibilities are endless.

Comment by jaymers

These are so cute!! I will definitely have my daughter make these when we get to the letter O in our curriculum!!

Comment by simplysummers

Well, I’m glad I could be of service. I love your blog and I will have to check out some of your craft ideas–I think marble art might be on our agenda soon!

Comment by jaymers

Thank you so much!! I have just started this blog in this direction. It has always been just to keep family and friends updated on my daughter since she was born, but decided to expand and go in this new direction so hopefully with time, I can improve and make it better!! πŸ™‚ The marble art was so fun and is one of my daughter’s favorites!! She loves to shake the pan to move the marble around! πŸ™‚

Comment by simplysummers

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