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Local Color: Bike Trails
June 5, 2012, 11:05 pm
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Every once in a while, I think to myself, “Where’s the local color?” We, as wordpress writers, have the opportunity to name our blogs. And long ago, I chose a name relative to my location. So, where’s the local color, right?

I’ve written a bit, but I’m feeling called to do more. Favorite parks, fun things to do, restaurants, kid-friendly destinations, and more–it’s all running through my head.

For today, here’s some local color: My friend recently started a blog about the bike trails around Fort Collins. Fort Collins boasts miles and miles of trails and considers itself a bike-friendly city. A link to the city’s information and maps can be found here.

I’m hoping that we can take advantage of this information ourselves. I have long needed a new bike, and we have been slackers in this area of activity (I’m pretty sure Cory’s bike hasn’t moved since we hung it up in the garage two years ago).

Perhaps our best excuse just arrived the other day as a birthday present from Grandma and Papa:

The maiden voyage!

Whether you live in Fort Collins matters not, though. What are your favorite spaces in the place that you call home? What do you want to explore in your own neck of the woods?


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