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Me and a few of my besties in a photo taken–gasp–almost exactly three years ago

I remember a time–remember it quite fondly, actually–when I was very much in touch with many of my girlfriends. There were even times in my life when I lived in close proximity to these folks and could easily chat away my time with them. We laughed, we cried, we shared folly and success. I love my girlfriends. Why then do I suddenly have a pang about the great friendships of my life?

Where has the era of easy-going friendships gone? Why does day turn into week turn into month as I neglect these once well-maintained relationships? Well, it doesn’t help that I’ve moved several times since college and now find myself with two bumkins to care for. If ever there was a cramping of girlfriend style (aka sitting around and yapping), it’s chasing after kids, right?

Well, yesterday I had a stellar case of foot-in-mouth disease and managed to unleash months of stewed-over anger. It was so petty, and now I’m so embarrassed. I think my new name is Jayme-Runs-with-Apology. But my major communication snafu has left me feeling like I need to get introspective on this whole friendship thing.

I have made some amazing friends in my life, but I’ve let “life” create this busyness that now has most of my friendships lying in stagnant water. In other posts, I have talked about how difficult it can be to make friends as an adult. It’s occurred to me that in addition to cleaning out my cabinets and organizing my closets, I need a major friendship overhaul–tending, loving, and, in some cases, ensuring their mere existence. I need to love up the women in my life big time!

What about you? Does anyone else out there have trouble maintaining friendships? Do you have some advice on how to be a good friend? What is one thing that I could do to start the ball rolling?


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Jayme-runs-with-apology – what a zinger post! I,too, struggle with this issue given a whacked out schedule assisting my parents (very limited time to go out & limited energy after night-time monitoring duty -my heart goes out to you Moms who do this All The Time!) Throw in a couple oceans separating dear friends (after working overseas for Many Years) How to stay in touch? Facebook(!) – a quick way to keep up with my friends & their kids et all (& my nieces : ) altho Quick means a few iPad update scans a week !

Comment by Virginia

Thank you for your sweet words (and commiserating). I find facebook can be fun, but truth be told it makes me feel like we can all get away with “status updates” (aka our very own press conferences) and never have to do the very thing I love–the intimate sharing of life happenings in conversation form. Unless I chat on facebook. In which case, facebook rocks.

Comment by jaymers

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