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Whoops! An addendum to my list of favorite blogs
August 19, 2012, 5:58 pm
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So, the only problem with a love-fest (read this) is that inevitably I leave a beloved one out. And I never ever mean to, I swear! (I am having a flashback to an awards ceremony at the college I attended where I was supposed to speak on behalf of my staff–and I totally forgot to mention someone. I felt awful for days.)

So, here goes another one:

Roses in the Rubble. This is the story of Virginia and her inspiration-laden life. When she’s not recounting awesome memories of her life and work abroad, or painting a picture of her life as caretaker for her two parents, then she’s posting amazing photos that live in the archive of her life. More than once, I’ve been inspired by her posts, photos and her quotes.

I hope to offer up lots more bloggie love fests in the future.


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You are TOO amazing – thanks for including me in the love-fest! It goes two-ways, as i so very much enjoy your blog (& often laugh for days over some hilarity you sneak into your blog’s punch!… welcome laughter, many thanks…)

grace, peace & bloggie love-fests – Virginia : )

Comment by Virginia

Seriously, how could I forget you in my “Ode to Blogs”? It’s weird, I can only think that it must have slipped my mind so that you could wind up having your very own post. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. HA!

Comment by jaymers

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