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Gettin’ Crafty: Super easy burpcloths
August 20, 2012, 8:12 am
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Two new burp cloths just hanging out on the sides of the rocker, waiting to be used. (But not by me! Nope, no “announcements” here!)

I love to sew, but I’m very bad at it and practically all-but-self-taught. I should definitely take another lesson, but it’s just been so much fun to mess around. I have several books, too, that help out with ideas and techniques. This idea originally came from a book that I got from the library, and I added the idea of “tags.” If you’ve never heard of the official name-brand Taggies products, you can see more of that here.

What you’ll need:

Matching rectangles of fabric: One in cotton and one in terrycloth (Size depends on you and what you’re going for, I made mine 12 x 18, but they are huge)

Scraps of ribbons, in a fabric that can hold up to the iron (polyester works well)

Sewing essentials like scissors, thread, sewing machine, a chopstick (or some other tool to turn your edges out), pencil, seam ripper (which I hope you don’t have to use) and your iron and ironing board.

Step 1: Pin your two rectangles together, right sides together. Pin in a few folded over scraps of ribbon. Leave a gap where you will turn the whole thing inside out.

Not the best photo, but I’m trying to show that you want to tuck the ribbon inside so that it will be on the outside when the finished product is turned right-side-out

For example, this is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Step 2: Sew the seams, remembering to leave the gap. Press your work, then turn it inside out. Use the chopsticks to help you turn out your corners.

Scout took this photo of me at the sewing machine

Here is the all-sewn-up deal

Here it is all turned right-side out, and I’ve tucked in the opening to match the seams. If you can picture it, it’s kinda like you’re going to make a pillow without stuffing it.

Step 3: Tuck the fabric in your opening in to match the remaining seam-line. Press this closed and pin if you wish. Now you will top-stitch the entire burpcloth. If you wish to have contrasting or matching thread, be mindful of that here. After top-stitching, press the whole thing and clip your threads and YOU’RE DONE!

Voila! The finished burpcloth: green terry on one side, cut little monkeys on the other and tags for the kiddo to suck on. HA!

So easy, right? The whole project will take you less than an hour, and they make adorable gifts.

I love the project so much, I made two right away–one blue and one green.


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These are soooo CUTE!

Comment by RFL

Thanks, dearie! And so easy, too.

Comment by jaymers

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