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Superquickpost: Check out this photo

Full disclosure: I don’t read the blog Toni The Chic Momma. However, I saw a photo that she posted because it was “shared” and thus appeared in my Facebook newsfeed.

Here’s the exciting photo:

credit: Toni the Chic Momma

What do you think?

want to like this photo. In essence, I want to be the kind of person that can be inclusive. I want to celebrate diversity of all kinds, yet somehow something stinks in motherhoodland… and it ain’t the diapers.

Do I judge other parents? Sure, all the time. Do I say stuff aloud? Not often, unless it’s my husband that you’re talking to (then, yes, all the time). But here’s the thing: I respect your decision.

Get that? I respect your decision. This implies that you thought carefully of your varied options, and at the end of the day you came to a conclusion–your decision.

Now, if you circumcised your baby out of some naive notion that you’ll just do this because your husband is circumcised and your brother is circumcised, but you haven’t done one lick of research… well, that’s not really a decision, is it? That’s de facto cruelty. You don’t impose a medical procedure on a newborn without knowing exactly why you’re doing this. Choose what you want, sure, but don’t act like this is as simple as piercing your daughter’s ears.

It’s easy to pick on circumcision, but essentially, the same goes for the rest–breastfeeding, cosleeping, working outside the home. Add to the list: binky or no-binky, weaning timeframe, homeschooling or public education, music lessons or free time, allow your daughter to show her midriff or enforce her modesty, etc. There is no limit to the controversy.

In general, I try to be intentional as a parent. Lord knows I don’t always get it right, and I fail miserably at times, but I do try to think about our choices and make a decision. Maybe I change my mind hours, days or weeks later, but I do try to think about things. And I respect every parent who does the same–who makes a choice based on the best possible outcome for the child/him or herself/the family.

So, look at that photo and imagine that each of those women thought carefully and came to a conclusion. See? I LOVE IT! It’s such a magnificent photo! YAY FOR BEING INTENTIONAL!



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