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Local color: Miller Farms

The tractor says it all

Over a week ago, my two girls and I travelled to Miller Farms with several friends. Chances are, if you live in Northern Colorado, you have heard of Miller Farms. It’s located in Platteville. I had never been there before, but I had purchased plenty of Miller Farms produce at the local farmer’s markets over the past few years.

Does Ruby look like she’s rocking the farm girl look or what?

The premise of an excursion to Miller Farms goes something like this: It will be fun! There’s tons of stuff for the kids to do, and we get to pick our own veggies! What could be more fun than getting our hands dirty and digging up our own food?

Oh my word. Going to Miller Farms to pick a few vegetables is a little like expecting to take a little drink of water from a full-bore fire hydrant. Want veggies? Come prepared to pick your ass off. No lie. And I don’t use the word “ass”on a mommy-blog lightly. This is serious stuff. You pay $15 per person, and each person can pick 5 bags. Kids under 3 are free. So, essentially, I paid for 15 full-sized plastic bags of groceries for $30. I don’t even think I could have possibly picked them all. Especially when you consider who my hired hands were. I only wound up with 13 bags of produce. Note sarcastic tone of the word “only.”

Pickin’ some carrots (They look sort of “Grapes of Wrath” right here)

And the fun things to do? They literally have a haphazard junk yard full of ’57 Chevy’s, broken down fire trucks, an array of mock air planes, spaceships and jets, and the best part is that you follow a Yellow Brick Road to get to the tractor wagons that will then take you out into the fields of endless-seeming crops. When I was there on September 18th, we picked (or had the opportunity to pick): corn, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, beets, basil, eggplant, pumpkins, leeks, onions, celery, kohlrabi, butternut squash, a variety of gourds, and peppers.

Look at me, mom! I’m up on this great big hill. Of DIRT!

So, that brings me to my next round of posts (I hope): “What I did with the produce I picked at Miller Farms whilst my children were wandering the fields occasionally asking me for snacks and/or water”

Some advice for anyone who thinks they can hack it at Miller Farms: First and foremost, bring more water than you would think you could drink and lots of sunblock. You may even want to consider one of those fabulous floppy gardening hats. Secondly, dress your kids in shoes not sandals because it’s so much less fun to pick vegetables while you are endlessly emptying your sandals of dirt. And last, but not least, if you allow your kids to use the bouncing pillow, beware of sand briars. Those prickers were everywhere and there wasn’t a kid in our bunch who didn’t call for help at some point to remove one of those nasty things from the pasty soles of their feet. Poor kiddos!

Scout (who wore the headband like this the ENTIRE day, I might add) driving the John Deere riding lawnmower turned train engine

Now, go forth, and taste the land of plenty. Mmm. (Oh! And any of you foodies out there that have any ideas on what to do with all of this stuff–I’d love a good recipe for pumpkin and I still have an awful lot of carrots. )


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Glad you liked this place. Ella is going there on a field trip with her school in October! I’ll make sure to pack her plenty of water and sunblock.

Comment by Lexie

Oh fun! I bet it’ll be beautiful in October. I should have also mentioned–there’s a corn maze! Woo-hoo!

Comment by jaymers

Sounds and looks like fun – & tiring. Enjoy your pickings.

Comment by memyselfandkids

Fun and tiring. Somehow, I think they got more of the fun and I got more of the tiring, but next time I do this I will be wiser and know more about what I’m getting myself into. And I’ll have more recipes to use this stuff up! HA!

Comment by jaymers

[…] Local color: Miller Farms […]

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Hi Jayme — for the pumpkin you may enjoy trying the recipe posted this week by Sawsan (the Chef in Disguise 🙂

Looks really Yummy (as most of her recipes do!)

grace, peace & Pumpkin(s) — Virginia : )

Comment by Virginia

Ooh, ooh, pumpkin recipe! Thank you, Virginia!

Comment by jaymers

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