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Because it’s fall
October 4, 2012, 12:31 am
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I know it’s cliche, but fall really is gorgeous, isn’t it?

Today was an absolutely amazing day. It was in the 80s and the golden leaves of the aspen trees seemed to lend a glow to everything.

I can remember when I was a freshman in college, and my calculus teacher released us from our entire period on the condition that we go outside and just enjoy the perfect autumn day. She had come from Massachusetts, and claimed that though the midwestern autumns were pretty, they were nothing like the change of seasons on the East Coast. She was a bit of an leaf-peeping snob, I guess. Years later I lived in Boston for nearly two years, and I would have to agree that the leaves of New England are very majestic. I, too, had become a bit uppity about leaves. When I first moved to Colorado and people told me about the stands of aspen trees and how gorgeous the colors were, I have to say I was a bit elitist. I nodded along with them, but secretly I thought, “Geesh, people, aspens only turn one color: gold. Get yourself out into a deciduous forest and see multiple colors, then you’ll finally know what it’s all about.” Not so, I tell you. Those aspens are stinkin’ gorgeous. Standing in huge groups, the aspens dwell amongst the lodgepole pine and ponderosa pine trees, and the blend of the evergreen hues jammed up against the sudden fluorescence of the aspen leaves look almost as unbelievable–as if the sun is staring you down. I think to myself, “The leaves are so bright, it almost hurts my eyes.”

That’s what we’ve been doing around here. Just enjoying this prolonged Indian summer filled with the gorgeous colors, apples and blue skies. Soon, the flakes will fly and I will curse my missing mitten, but for now, it’s perfect.

Today might be the last day of its kind for a while. By 4: 30 pm, the wind had kicked up and something was clearly brewing. There’s a slight chance of snow tonight.  I’m not taking any chances. I closed our bedroom window and I got out the down comforter.


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Looks like a great day – I love Fall.

Comment by memyselfandkids

And as predicted, it’s 38 degrees and gray this morning… but, happily, no snow. Don’t know if I’m quite ready for that. Thanks for commenting!

Comment by jaymers

38 – uggh! Where do you live?

Comment by memyselfandkids

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. Saturday is supposed to be a low of 28. Guess it’s time to make some soup?

Comment by jaymers

Duuh – what was I thinking? That’s the name of your blog.
Enjoy the soup.

Comment by memyselfandkids

No worries! Thanks!

Comment by jaymers

I love those pretty fall days! 🙂

Comment by jeandayfriday

It’s a way to appease my broken heart that summer is over.

Comment by jaymers

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