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Make me over: Finding a girl’s hair cut I’ll love for a price I won’t hate

As a parent of young girls, I do struggle with the phenomenon of “Getting Older Younger.” (And no, I definitely didn’t coin that phrase. Check out a previous post of mine here.) For me, though, there is a certain playfulness that I do not want to diminish. Afterall, it is fun to be pampered. Kids catch on to this fact pretty quick.

A blissed out Ruby in the shampoo sink at Trios Aveda Salon

We are a household of Fancy Nancy fans. (If you do not know about the book series by Jane O’Connor, get to this link now.) I will credit (blame?) my older daughter for the love of all things fancy, but we have all enjoyed reading these books and expanding our vocabularies. Posh. Elegant. Regal. We love that stuff. Thus, we love lacquered nails, accessories, scented lotions and the occasional primping ritual.

I struggle with indulging some requests that seem beyond a) their paygrade, and b) their ages. At 5 and nearly 3, we have yet to even talk about body odor or armpit hair. We still work really hard to remove eye boogers every morning before we walk out of the door. Our hygiene discussions are non-verbal dances that center around the thrust of a hairbrush in their general direction. We are still naive, innocent and easily impressed.

Our pedicures are done at home. We do spend a few minutes dunking our toes in a warm soapy bath, but it’s really just an excuse to get us to slow down for a minute. We have done more than a few home-grown hair cuts in a barstool in front of the TV. I allow the occasional swipe of my lip balm, but other than that our beauty ritual involves detangler and toothpaste. Even the play make-up kit was banned after pink lip gloss mysteriously became embedded into our carpet.

But at the end of the summer, one thing was clear: Scout wanted her hair cut significantly–about 4 inches–and I would not be responsible for such a haircut. First, we went to my old standby–Cool Cuts 4 Kids. This is a national chain, and it has the bells and whistles (cars to sit in, videos to watch, a waiting area with assorted toys, etc.). However, I’ve never been overly impressed with their stylists. If I wanted a great referral on where to pierce my eyebrow, or directions on how to pretend to like my job, these gals would be my Go To. But for a decent haircut, not so much. I wound up having to take Scout to a different salon to fix the botch-job we got at Cool Cuts 4 Kids. I considered writing them a letter or talking to a manager–but what were they going to do? They’d offer me a coupon to come back to Cool Cuts 4 Kids, and frankly I’d been burned by them way too many times. What can I say? I kept coming back because I’m a sucker for their Thomas the Train table. Well, no more! I will not be enticed by miniature fire engines to sit in! I want a real hair cut!

For our most recent endeavor, I opted to just bring the kids to the salon that I go to. When I get my haircut, which is embarrassingly infrequently, I go to a decent hair stylist at a nice Aveda salon in town called Trios. My stylist is Lindsey and she’s great, but because she’s great, she costs more money than I was interested in paying for my budding beauty queens. I was delighted to learn that because this salon has a variety of  stylists (some just beginning their careers), I could get an appointment with a trainee or a Level 1 and a kids’ haircut would be $20. Yep, $20. Now, Cool Cuts 4 Kids without a coupon is something like $18 and they don’t even shampoo the kids’ hair. (That’s extra.) So, for $20, I’m like, “Sign ’em up!”

Scout getting the royal treatment from Ali

What we received from our Level 1 stylist Ali was just phenomenal. She spent 45 minutes with each of my children, and she was a class act. She was patient, kind, and treated each of my kids with respect. They weren’t just kids getting haircuts, they were clients who had come to enjoy her services. I am in love with this idea: Pay real money for a real haircut! Not pay real money for a hokey environment and come home to re-trim my kids’ hair.

All finished! My glammed up little girl!

This is it. I’m sold. Trios Aveda Salon is located at Horsetooth and Shields and their number is 970-266-8746.


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They look marvelous! I took K for her first haircut not too long ago and I was shocked by how expensive it was.

Comment by RFL

Why thank you! It can be expensive. It can also be a waste of money, because when they’re so little and can’t sit still it truly is as if a blind Edward Scissorhands may as well have done it. But it can be a parenting style question: do I respect her right to live a dread-free existence? For me, that answer is “yes.”

Comment by jaymers

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