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Quick thought: Expanding families
November 11, 2012, 10:45 pm
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Yesterday, I went with the girls to a birthday party. It was a fun birthday party, but this post isn’t about that. One of the attendees at the party was a member of a family with 6 kids.

Wow. Six kids is a lot, right?

I stop and think about large families, and I have a few rambling thoughts: How fun! How chaotic! How do you give attention to each child? What a lifestyle! I bet holidays are a blast! Wait, how do you afford holidays?

I don’t entertain thoughts of myself having 6 kids. Nope. I have at times thought about having another child, making our family 5 instead of 4. But…

Each and every time that I get wistful for another baby, something comes along to knock me out of that thought-process. Like a puking kid.

So, today, as I go to sleep (I hope) with my stomach-bug kiddo and I’ve cleaned up two messes from the dog we’re sitting (not that my dog isn’t capable of his own messes, I’m very forgiving of this!), I will say, “Yep, two kids is plenty.”

The sicky in question… in happier times

I’m guessing that it was true baby fever, a little vomit wouldn’t stop me, right? Thoughts?


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I hear you on this. Sometimes, I think it would be very nice to have a big family like that. One of my fears would be the bills. Uggh. Well, anyway, that ship has sailed.

Comment by memyselfandkids

And I hear you! Sometimes I just think we need to permanently sail our ship so that I stop having these wishy-washy feelings! Thanks for commenting.

Comment by jaymers

You got it.

Comment by memyselfandkids

Jaymers, this is an interesting post to read, as we are in the midst of trying to decide whether to have ANY kids. Our life is pretty up in the air, and probably will be for some time, and it seems like it would take herculean amounts of strength to navigate a child through all of that. I can’t imagine taking a child on 16 hour flights, dealing with jetlag, different cultures, school calendars, etc, for years on end. Raising children is hard enough without all of the complications.

On a side note, I have a high school acquaintance who has six kids. She reposted a blog entry in the past year where the writer (with 5 kids) says that she feels sorry for moms with just one kid, because it is somehow easier to have many kids. I didn’t get it, but lots of other moms on her FB page chimed in and said it was true. I wish I could find it somewhere and link it.

Comment by indiaindiana

JoAnne-I do have several more thoughts on this, some of them probably slightly controversial (the whole social justice issue of American kids being huge consumers and me bringing more consumers into the world, and more on that line of thinking, etc). But mostly I feel that if you are a loving parent, and you come through your 9 months of pregnancy ready to give this thing your best, you are going to be better off than most. The mere fact that you’d plan to raise your child cross-culturally cannot be seen as a con, it has to be a pro!!! Are you kidding me? 15 hours on a plane is nothing compared to how well adjusted this kid would be with two loving parents and families on two different continents who love him or her. Wish I could do something like that for my kids… Wait, Wisconsin and Wyoming are kind of like different cultures. HA! Good luck with your discernment!

Comment by jaymers

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