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Beauty = Bling, but not really

I have shared many parenting woes, some highs, some lows. I have divulged stories of baking and sewing, crafting and cooking. Well, now I would like to share with you the trick to calling upon your inner goddess.

Glitter. Rhinestones. Shimmer. Metallic. Sparkle. Crystal. Feathers. Flowers. Tassles. Ribbons. Beads. In a word: Bling.

I’m not kidding, every time I so much as put a necklace on and a little lip balm, my kids are all wide-eyed and complimentary. “Mom, you look so beautiful!”

And I say, “Why, thank you.”

Then, they say, “I love your (necklace, earrings, belt, shoes, shirt, sweater, scarf, bracelet, etc.).”

And I say, “Why, thank you.” It’s easy to take a compliment coming from a five-year-old. There is nothing insincere about a five-year-old. (Because, believe me, there are plenty of times when she questions my wardrobe choices.)

I have talked about beauty before, and instilling confidence in young girls. I read this blog post recently, and I liked it. The author’s point, if you don’t have time to click over, is that she’s started telling her daughters that she thinks she’s beautiful because she wants them to grow up to become women who can remember their mother thinking she was beautiful. She knows that someday their bodies will change, their breasts will sag, their lines will evolve from taut to tired. And through that change, she wants them to remember that their mother loved herself through it all.

I want that, too!

I want to love myself in front of my kids, not berate myself. I find that when I say something innocently after some silly accident or mistake, I might call myself a “dummy” or something like it, Scout is quick to come to my defense: “No, you’re not mom!” I won’t always have a defender. I won’t always have someone who wants me to see the best in myself, not the worst.

So, I am thankful that I have girls who recognize beauty. Now, it’s up to me to expand their definition of beauty. What do you think? What ways that you instill self-confidence and self-love in your children?

This is a photo of Cory and me from ages ago, and I got rave reviews on this dress from my girls: not sure if you can tell, but there are rhinestones sewn into this dress!


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Great sentiment and important quality to instill.

Comment by memyselfandkids

And good for fathers with sons, too, right? Thanks for commenting.

Comment by jaymers

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