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Merry Christmas to all!
December 24, 2012, 12:33 am
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It is nearly officially Christmas Eve as I write this, and my beloved family is fast asleep. My husband has had some version of the flu, so we decided to cancel most of our plans these past few days.

Can I be perfectly honest? I really didn’t mind. I don’t mean that I didn’t regret my poor husband’s crummy departure into virus-land (that stinks). I mean that the purposeful slowing down and staying in the house didn’t bother me. Christmas, and all of it’s lovely, joyful meaning can be lost in the busyness, don’t you think?

I try to be intentional with my life. My days are filled (often overflowing), but I hope that they are filled with the “good stuff.” We make cookies, we go to dance class, we play at the park, we call the grandmas, we fold the laundry, we run to the grocery store, we play, we rest, we stop and smell the roses (or the pine trees, as the case may be this time of year). But we can all fall victim to the hustle and bustle, and count me as a very big victim this year.

Sure, I still managed to wrap a few presents. I watched a few of my favorite holiday movies. I sent macaroons to my neighbor (but really, this was a boomerang move since she had dropped by to gift us some yummies). But any attempt at making the effort fell between caring for my sick kids and maintaining our regularly scheduled programming. I felt harried and silly and completely disorganized.

So, today I collect my thoughts and write my Christmas manifesto.

A Christmas Manifesto, by Jayme

This Christmas I will not feel Less Than, but I will take comfort in the Light that continually makes everyone and everything More Than.

This Christmas I will welcome the stranger and create hospitality and fellowship wherever I can.

This Christmas I will share and not hoard; I will give and not covet;  I will love generously and not keep track of the score.

This Christmas I will receive every gift given to me with graciousness and gratitude, but I will especially savor the gifts of the Present–the smiles of my children, the home cooked meal that my in-laws will prepare, the snow that may fall (there’s a 60% chance ! Eek!) and create a White Christmas.

This Christmas I will sing my favorite carols, eat the most delectable treats, and be awed by the youthful energy because it is a Celebration. This is a Celebration of the hope that entered the world some 2000 years ago. This is a Celebration of love, joy, kindness, justice, truth and forgiveness. There is a cause for celebration, and I will try to keep that at the forefront of my mind.

Best wishes to you and yours for your Christmas celebration! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a reason to pause and savor some joy “just because” in the near future (and always, right?).

My new muffin tin from my mom--she so "gets" me

My new muffin tin from my mom. I look grateful and joyful, do I not? I can bake a DOZEN muffins in one pan now, what’s not to love?


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Love it Jayme!

Comment by Lexie

Aw, thanks, Lex! See you soon, dearie!

Comment by jaymers

MERRY CHRISTMAS JAYME!! .. & I love your Christmas Manifesto. A good one for all if us to print out & hang near our trees (or in the kitchen, methinks would be better : )

Blessings to you & your girls & hope your husband is Better Soon (at least in time for a good New Year’s smooch : )

grace, peace & ‘just because’ joy – Virginia

Comment by Virginia

Thank you, Virginia! Merry Christmas to you and yours. I was checking out your cousin Jamie’s blog–she sounds amazing! She did a few posts on being a Marthaholic, and I loved it. I want to send it to everyone I know! And yes, it appears, Cory will make it after all. Ha!

Comment by jaymers

It really is nice to just slow down sometimes.
Enjoy the holiday.

Comment by memyselfandkids

Thank you! I hope that you enjoyed yours. Surely you have some downtime from work, right? Rest up, and have fun!

Comment by jaymers

Yes I do and I am loving it.

Comment by memyselfandkids

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