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February 26, 2013, 6:12 pm
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Inspired by a fellow blogger (Hi Virginia!), I wanted to speak out on this social justice issue. Rhonda Fields is, by my humble estimation, a hero for our times. She has worked tirelessly to ensure witnesses are protected, after her own son, Javad Marshall Fields, was harrassed and killed for his eye-witness account of his friend’s murder.
Now, Rhonda Fields is a representative in our State House of Representatives, representing Aurora. She has spoke out against gun violence, especially after the massacre at the Aurora theatre last summer. Now she is being targeted by a man who opposes any gun restrictions. He has made racial, misogynistic, hateful threats against her. He has threatened her life.
And this just isn’t right. Not one bit. Watch and read then click to this:

FOX31 Denver

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DENVER — Rep. Rhonda Fields, addressing reporters for the first time since FOX31 broke news Monday of a man being arrested for death threats against her, said that she’s still scared for her life.

The sponsor of two gun control measures, including a ban on high-capacity magazines, Fields also told reporters that she’s taken out a restraining order against the man who emailed her and left voicemails threatening to kill her and using a stream of vile, racial epithets against her.

“I’m 58 years old and I have never been talked to like that,” said Field of the emails. “I was really shaken by them.”

Fields immediately compared the intimidation to that faced by her son, Javad, who was murdered by gang members he was set to testify against back in 2005.

“You all know my story,” Fields told reporters. “About nine years ago, my son was intimidated…

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My prayers are with this courageous lady who has already paid such a high price for ‘teaching her kids right’ (re: the murder of her son for testifying against murderers) …

Thank you for sharing this, Jayme!
grace, peace & courageous advocates – Virginia

Comment by Virginia

Courageous advocates is right–I got to see Rhonda speak once, and it was incredible. No more news on this story other than the fact that Franklin Sain’s attorney claims that these alleged death threats are just “freedom of speech.” Grace, peace & non-violent, non-threatening, peace-promoting speech, Jayme

Comment by jaymers

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