My mom adventures in Fort Collins

It’s raining, it’s pouring

No doubt if you live in Colorado, you’ve heard about some of the extreme flooding that we’ve been having. I live in Northern Colorado, so the main point of interest for me lately is that Estes Park (the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park) had flooded, and all of the roads in or out had been closed. (Not true, I learned after writing this that they opened Trail Ridge Road–the road that goes through RMNP over to Grand Lake–as a route for evacuation.) As far as I can tell from these photos here and here, Hwy 7 and Hwy 34 are fully washed out in areas. In mountain-area speak, there are only 4 ways in and out of Estes, and all are closed. (Well, Trail Ridge has traditionally been a seasonal road, so let’s see how long it can stay open before snow flies.) Residents are essentially living on an island. Can you imagine what the Estes Park Safeway looks like?

It’s estimated to cost millions to repair. Worse yet, people have died and many have been evacuated and may have lost their homes. Many in Boulder county have had entire residential streets torn up by the water. Schools are closed, the University of Colorado is closed, and there are closures along the interstate nearby. My sister-in-law works at a hospital in Longmont, and she assures me that it was a wild day at the office, so to speak. The hospital probably saw this guy:

But as for me, I can count my blessings. We are safe and dry. Our schools are also closed, but since I have soup and the kids have movies, we can just hunker down. If the kids feel like it, we might do this again:

Our walk to school on Tuesday morning

Our walk to school on Tuesday morning

We have the luxury of a safe, dry home, and I am grateful. For now, local reservoirs are holding and Spring Creek is okay. The Poudre River has overflowed, and caused a lot of road closures and some evacuations, but most city dwellers are safe this morning. Please say a prayer for those folks who don’t have such luxuries, especially those who find themselves scrambling for what to carry with them as they leave their home and head to safety. (How sad, the local Red Cross evacuation area doesn’t have a place for pets. This is probably not unusual in an emergency, but I just never thought about it before.) And pray especially for the folks in Colorado who were spared from fire a year ago, and are now fighting against mudslides and floods.

Stay safe, Colorado!


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