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21-day Gratitude Challenge: Day 1
November 7, 2013, 4:51 pm
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I’m taking this challenge. Really, I’ve no doubt that this challenge will take me to new depths in cultivating gratitude.

For 21 days, a post with the gratitude thread running through it.

For today, I think I’ll start small. I took a walk earlier, and I was thinking, “Everyone always says that they’re thankful for their family.” As if it’s become, cliche or something. (It hasn’t.) But I think what makes some of my own reflections on gratitude special is the specific way I have been inspired us to give thanks.

Today, has been a good day. Today, unlike many days, was a downright pleasant day. Today, I am thankful for pleasantries. Today, I am filled with gratitude for the simple acts of kindness and the joyful moments that when you add them all up, they feel as comforting as a warm mug in my hand. I can easily recall these: A walk in the sunshine, pushing Ruby on the swing and hearing her cackle with laughter, watching geese swim in Lake Sherwood and Long’s Peak in the distance, sneaking a Coke while no one was watching, grabbing a few minutes of chat-time with a grown-up while the girls were busy playing on the playground, and… (Drumroll, please) this morning when Scout asked for water, I simply drifted off and did something else. Three times the kiddo asked me for water, and when I finally focused on what she was saying, I apologized to her for not hearing her. She said:

That’s okay, mom, take your time.

Love that kid! Seriously, is there a more kind way for your kid to forgive you for falling down on the job and not paying attention? There was no whining, no flailing on the ground complaining of thirst, no desperate shouts to get my attention: We’ve come a long way, baby!

Happy First Day of the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge!


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awesome job on your challenge! i am grateful for having doors opened and sunny good-morning smiles. šŸ™‚

if you are looking for a december challenge, we would love to have you participate in the Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar (or even become a Kindness Ambassador!).

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