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21-Day Gratitude Challenge: Day 11

Today’s prompt is a fun prompt, and it’s one that I could stand to do more: “Today, make a conscious effort to tune into the little moments of joy, beauty and goodness that surround you.”

Today was a day of rest. That’s what Sunday is for, right? Ruby still isn’t 100% back to her old self, so we took a long drive to keep her still. The mountains were gorgeous and it was lovely to take in the sunshine (even through the car window). My husband and I really enjoy the comfort of the front seat, and we find that we can even have some fun conversations. It used to be that the kids would fall asleep in the back seat, and we could talk about anything, but even with the little ears we have some fun discussions.

So, check those little moments off the list:

  1. Sunshine
  2. Mountain views
  3. Long drive with a fantastic conversation partner
  4. Restful day

When we returned home, we watched the movie “Bedtime Stories” with Adam Sandler & Keri Russell. It’s a cute movie, but it was made even cuter with scenes like this one:

Scout would just blush, and say, “I hope they kiss!” I’d like to think she’s far too innocent for such an opinion, but it was very adorable (and a very astute observation as well!).

Today’s prompt is easy and lovely because I am grateful for the small things in my life that bring me smiles, joy and laughter every day. It’s actually these little things that wind up being the rather large things, isn’t it?


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Yesterday, I snapped a picture of the sunrise on my way to work. It was one of those little things that I sometimes take for granted. I need to look at those little moments more often!

Comment by jeandayfriday

AH! Yes, that is a GREAT idea! I once snapped a photo of a heart-shaped hole in the clouds and posted it on facebook–so many friends commented on that photo, I think finding the “little things” to brighten our day is something that we all crave. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Comment by jaymers

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