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21-Day Gratitude Challenge: Day 12

Today’s prompt asks, “What Is The Best Mistake You Ever Made?”

I really pondered this one, and I had a difficult time coming up with something that wasn’t too personal to share. I have a few least favorite mistakes, and just because I’m grateful for the knowledge I gained as a result of those mistakes, I can’t say they are my best mistakes.

Really crummy mistakes make me cringe a little bit. Well, a lot, actually.

But the best mistakes? Those make me smile.

  • One time, I traveled a thousand miles to attend the wedding of a high school friend. I couldn’t truly afford the ticket (I was a poor student) and I had a very tight work schedule (it was a seasonal position that offered no vacation days), but I went anyway. My two girlfriends and I walked in late to the reception. After finding our table, we chatted with the folks seated with us–a few were single dudes that were friends of the groom. One of the guys at our table was a cutie that had  driven his Harley out from Colorado to the wedding. His name is Cory, and he’s still pretty cute.
    This is from the night we first met... [Cue: Awwww]

    This is from the night we first met [Ignore people making out in the background]

    This one is a bit more recent, and I think you can see the resemblance.

    This one is a bit more recent, and I can thank Darcy Carter for this photo

  • Almost exactly a year ago, Cory had a family emergency and had to be out-of-town for our daughter’s “Dad & Me Night” at preschool. I filled in, and Scout had informed me that we should wear pajamas. I didn’t think much of this request, since I had attended two “Mom & Me Night” functions, and both times we wore our pajamas. I showed up that night as the only adult female (other than the teacher) and the only one (other than my daughter) in my pajamas. Understandably, Scout felt a little out-of-place, so we bailed and spent an hour doing our “Mom-filling-in-for-Dad Night” out at Target, buying Ruby’s birthday gift. The next day, when I dropped Scout off at school, a little girl walked straight up to me and said, “I know you! You were the only mom at Dad & Me Night!” And I said, “Yep, that was me.” Then the little girl said, “And you were wearing your PAJAMAS!”
  • It was winter of 1995-1996, and some college friends and I had heard that Keanu Reeves was filming a movie downtown. We waited outside of his trailer like the sweet little schoolgirls that we were. For hours we waited in the cold, and when we finally saw him, we asked him for a photo (which he politely obliged). Sad thing was he looked like garbage and it completely cured me of any celebrity-crush fascination from then on.
    I mean, seriously? Couldn't he have de-bloated himself that day knowing that it would be the only time I'd ever even do something dumb like this?

    I mean, seriously? Couldn’t he have de-bloated himself that day knowing that it would be the only time I’d ever even do something dumb like this?


Those are just a few of the best mistakes that I’ve made, and I’m most certainly grateful for them. If you are following along with the Gratitude Challenge on, then tell me how this adventure has been for you.


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Love this one Jayme!

Comment by Lexie

Thanks, Lexie! You are so kind to read and comment. Will you please tell Darcy that my blog will probably make her photos famous?

Comment by jaymers

This is great! It has me thinking about my crazy mistakes. 😉

Comment by jeandayfriday

Thanks, Jeanday! You are so sweet to read & comment. Please do a post on your crazy mistakes soon.

Comment by jaymers

I will have to! 😉

Comment by jeandayfriday

What a fun story about meeting your husband! Do you ever think “What if?”

Comment by goodbyebernadette

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