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21-Day-Gratitude-Challenge: Day 13
November 20, 2013, 1:38 am
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Today’s prompt asked, “Who Inspires You To Be Your Best Self?”

Is this really fair? To choose just ONE person who inspires me like this? I mean, when I think about the ways in which I want to grow, learn, and better accept myself, I am influenced by many people. I am inspired by folks from church, people that I encounter through my daughters’ schools, characters in books and many of the authors of various blogs right here on WordPress. You are talking to a girl who had over 15 pen pals in middle & high school–I love meeting people and I can find something about nearly everyone that I meet that impresses me.

Is it too much to have a three-way tie? First off, I’d have to say that my husband inspires me to be my best self. I think that he above anyone else knows my heart’s deepest desires, and he is very supportive and encouraging. What I gain from Cory is this calm reassurance that we’re “in it together” and he’s my partner in this. Second of all, I’d have to say my kids inspire me to be my best self. I cannot deny the self-aggrandizing moments where they look up and say things like, “Mom, you’re the best mom ever!” Their words make me want to be the person they see in me. Last but not least, I’m inspired by my good friend Anne. Anne is the sweetest, kindest, most affirming and accepting person that I know. I can tell Anne anything at all, and I will get love and support. It’s a bit amazing how thoughtful this woman is–she called me today on Ruby’s birthday, just to let me know that she was thinking of us. Ruby is a special girl in her life, too, though–she’s Ruby’s “fairy” Godmother.

What makes someone inspiring? For me, I don’t love the constant call of our culture for self-improvement. I like the idea of self-improvement and all, but I want to make sure it’s coming from a place of self-love and not of self-hate. If you’re trying to change your life and improve yourself because you currently hate yourself/your body/your situation… then, I just think, maybe we should start there. The self-flagellation in our culture is so permeating. Even in interactions with women that I admire and value, I’ve overheard such self-deprecating humor that it makes me feel uncomfortable. I am grateful for the inspiring people in my life because although they are pulling for me and my “Best Life” stuff,  they are also perfectly accepting of me the way that I am. That is a inspiring combination: I am grateful for those people in my life that celebrate who I am already and who I’m learning to be.


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