My mom adventures in Fort Collins


As the title of this blog would indicate, I am indeed a Mom in Fort Collins. Here’s a bit about me:

1. I still have no clue about “blogging,” so I’ll just nod my head in agreement with anyone (and that would pretty much be EVERYONE) who knows more than me.

2. Prior to moving to Fort Collins in 2010, we lived in Denver. We love it here. Love the parks, love the views, love the community, and are really pleased we moved. It’s a great fit for us!

3. When I say “we,” I mean me, my hirsute and handsome hubby, our two smiley girls and one mixed-breed dog (which breeds? Dunno.).

4. I haven’t seen a movie rated higher than G in the movie theatre for over three years.  No longer true! I saw”The Vow” and “The Hunger Games” since writing this! HA! Miracles DO happen! I haven’t bought or been given a new CD (do people even use CDs anymore?) for over two years. This is what parenthood has done to me. I’m unhip, and I don’t say that without sincerity.  I recently learned that bootcut jeans are the new “Mom jeans.” I am totally beyond hope.

5. I am originally from Wisconsin. If you were hearing me speak this, instead of just reading this, you might have picked up on this already. I better go find the bubbler, in so, hey.

Please please please read, comment, like or dislike, but know that I value this whole experience. It’s new for me, and it’s been interesting so far.

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OK – I just found your blog, but I love it! I wanted you to know that I just passed along the Versatile Blogger Award to you! Stop by my blog for more info. 🙂

Comment by jeandayfriday

I plugged away at this post a little at a time (darn lenten resolutions!), and here it is. Thank you again so very much for thinking of me. I’m just so new to this, it’s still such a surprise when anyone at all even “likes” my page.

Comment by jaymers

Hi Jaymers, I am Michael Marston, president of and we are working with Sesame Street Live tour and have tickets to the Fort Collins show. I am looking for a group of bloggers in the No Co who would be interested. Please email me if interested or know of someone who is. Thanks

Comment by Michael Marston

Awesome, how fun! I will email you immediately.

Comment by jaymers

Hi there,

My name is Luke Runyon and I’m a reporter with KUNC and I’m working on a story about moms who like to cook. Wondering if you might be interested in participating.

You can reach me by email:


-Luke Runyon

Comment by Luke Runyon

Great! I’ll email you shortly!

Comment by jaymers

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