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Does this ever happen to you?
March 6, 2012, 2:40 pm
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You have the day. Whining, crying, everything must become dramatic. Nothing is easily remedied and most things render them inconsolable. A big mess in the bathroom after someone tried to wet the mop in the sink. Trying on five outfits (but not from the dress up bin, mind you. From the closet. And breaking a hanger in the process.). Dumping shoefulls of sand from the sandbox onto the kitchen floor.

And then, in a moment, they’re playing so well together. Coloring. Then, Scout suggests that we have a cafe right here on our premises. And when I walk up to her with a notepad and a pen to take her order, she is deighted.

“What can I get you, darling?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, your choices are roast beef, fish heads and rice, or some chicken noodle soup.”

“Okay, I’ll take the chicken noodle soup.”

“Sounds good. Your order will be right up. My name is Jayme, I’ll be your waitress.”

Then, I brought her an “appetizer” of some sunflower seeds on a napkin and it was like the preceding 8 hours hadn’t even happened.